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Archival Projects

Associate Director  

Second Run Media Preservation

Company specializing in assessment of archives, media archival solutions, education, and outsourcing.

Current main projects:

Implementation of CALAC, a digital humanities initiative with a collaborative approach to the study of Latin American Cinema though a  database. Rice University. Houston, TX.


Identification, cataloguing and rehousing of the former PELMEX (Películas Mexicanas) archive. Bogota..


Assessment of the personal archive of Colombian photographer Nereo López (1920- 2015) in order to rehouse it from its New York base to a Colombian library, museum or archival institution.


Proimágenes Colombia


Collection Management, Digitization Practices, and Internationalization of the Film and Television Archive.


Current main projects:

-Supervision of the digitization, identification and cataloguing of 750 open reels belonging to audio elements of the Yuruparí Television Series (Ministry of Culture Grant $20.000).

-Execution of a grant from the International Federation of Television Archives (FIAT) for the restoration and digitization of six documentaries of the Yuruparí documentary series

(€ 37.000).


-Supervision of the restoration and digitization of Carlos Mayolo films (2 long features and 12 shorts) in collaboration with Arquivo  das  Imagens  (Portuguese Cinematheque) and Cinecolor.


-Coordinator of the restoration set, including edition of bilingual booklet and overseeing of the production of BluRays and DVD sets.

Organizer, Coordinator, Mentor

Audiovisual Preservation Exchange Program /APEX


I have been part of the team for three editions of the Audiovisual Preservation Exchange Program (APEX) that have assisted in tasks  of inspection, repatriation, digitization and digital preservation of film materials in Colombia, Uruguay, Argentina, and Chile (2013-2016). In these four exchanges, I have played a leading role, having been instrumental to interlinking a total of nine archival institutions in the three countries where the APEX program has run. These four APEX editions have engaged with profit, non-profit, State, private, university archives, and television stations. In 2015 we had the first collaboration of students from UCLA-MIAS, NYU-MIAP, and the L. Jeffrey Selznick School of Film Preservation.

Consultant and Docent

Universidad Jorge Tadeo Lozano


Certificate in Management of Audiovisual Patrimony. Instructor for courses on management of audiovisual patrimony; master classes on access to archives, and financial sustainability of collections. Grant writing and consultant for the creation of the MA in Audiovisual Patrimony.





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